If you haven’t visited my website in awhile, you are probably going to notice that I’ve made a lot of changes: a newly organized navigation menu on the right of the screen, new pages added, a new title for this blog, even a new URL for my new homepage dedicated to singing instruction:


The Art & Science of Singing is my name for a 3-in-1 approach to training singers I’ve developed.  This unique (as far as I know) combination of voice lessons, Alexander Technique, and Voice-Enhancing Bodywork brings together the three services I have been offering all along.   I’ve been noticing for months how my voice students were benefitting from including elements of Alexander Technique and bodywork in their lessons; their learning has been both deeper and faster using the combination.  Now I’ve made it “official” by formulating various 3-in-1 programs of vocal study, which you can read about on one of my new webpages.

In order to build interest in my new 3-in-1 approach, I will for the next few months be focusing on informing singers about the Art & Science of Singing.  This does not mean that I will be closing my doors to non-singers!  I will still be offering standard Alexander lessons and Tablework for the general public.

This new shift in focus has really fired my enthusiasm lately.  I feel happy to have found a way to combine my passion for singing with my 3 professional passions into a “product” that I think will be highly beneficial to my clients.  The variety and challenge of switching among 3 related but highly different modes of working throughout each day of teaching will keep me engaged and intellectually stimulated.  I already love my work, but this new direction seems likely to bring me even greater satisfaction and joy.

May it also bring satisfaction and joy—and a free voice—to many singers!

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  1. Michael's Mom says:

    Michael, I'm so excited about our upcoming lesson combining voice training and body work. What an awesome concept! In my undergraduate voice training as a music ed. major my instructors gave no attention to the physical body in relationship to the voice.

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