Hello, Readers.  I am in Boston for the next three days for a course in Neural Manipulation, which will give me more techniques to incorporate into my Voice-Enhancing Bodywork.

Shall we start out with a photo showing the view from my hotel room?

Let’s just hope the course is more inspiring than the view.

I am actually very excited about this course, which will increase my knowledge about how to work directly with the nervous system, particularly the nerves and the brain.  The techniques are similar to those I am already familiar with from other practices, such as Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy—just the organs I will be working with is different.  I’ve already been doing some Neural Manipulation already, which I’ve learned from a teacher in New York, and have discovered that working on the nerves, which serve all the other organs and muscles of the body, intensifies the effects of everything else I am doing.  Also, working on the nerves often clears up problems in the other organs to which the nerves go: it’s a great example of the interconnectedness of the body.

Anyone coming in for a session next week will have the opportunity to benefit from my newly acquired skills at their freshest. . .in other words, you can be a guinea pig!


  1. Nanette says:

    Hmmmm, Charlestown?

  2. Michael Hanko says:

    Nope. I'm in beautiful Somerville. Actually, having discovered a Whole Foods a couple of miles away to which the hotel shuttle ferried me and some of my classmates last night, I'm feeling a whole lot better about Somerville. How bad can life be when you have fresh sushi, a big hunk of spanish cheese and some nice bread, and a portion of tiramisù?

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