Warning to self after a great lesson

Hey there, dude. You know that thing that you learned in today’s lesson? That big thing that made all the difference? Just wanted you to realize: that’s not IT.

That thing will not be the key to unlocking the Truth any more than all those other big things that you’ve learned in all those other great lessons. They seemed so IT at the time, but how much are you thinking about them now?

Those things—and today’s—may not have been the missing key to the Truth. But they were important. They did perfectly unlock you when all kinds of influences coalesced into a particular moment. Nothing could’ve brought you closer to the Truth in those moments than the big thing that unfurled just when it was perfect.

But now we’re in a different moment. What you needed more of then, you might need less of now. Where it was important to find stability, tomorrow you might need to find more movement. Today required strength but next week delicacy might be more appropriate. And so on and so on…the Truth (or at least your ability to understand it) is a capricious, constantly evolving thing.

But congratulations on today’s thing, dude. It was really great.

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