voice lesson testimonials

I’ve been to many voice teachers, but only Michael has demonstrated the knowledge of anatomy and how it all works, and the desire to use that knowledge as a teaching tool to help me explore the full expressive potential with my voice. Michael applies his knowledge of and passion for Alexander Technique and proper vocal technique in a way that has led me to much greater vocal discovery than any other voice teacher I've studied with. (Working with Michael has also improved my posture and body awareness and thus my overall quality of life.) If you are looking for a teacher, Michael's unique approach and vast knowledge of the instrument are unique and extremely effective.

—David Dodini, rock singer


I started to work with Michael as I was suffering from neck injury and vocal tension that kept me from singing or even working in the office. Now that my body is better coordinated, I can breathe much more efficiently, and a lot of my vocal tension has been relieved as well! I still have tons to learn from him, but I have a better understanding of my body, which helps me to sing better. Thank you, Michael!

—Tomoko Kern, opera singer


I went to karaoke after today's lesson to take advantage of the openness we had discovered in the lesson. I was feeling so good with the power belt and the freeness and power with which it came out that I threw every power ballad I could think of up there and tackled them all pretty well, E's and F's and G's included! Thanks for helping me get in the zone today!

—Julia X., karaoke enthusiast


I am so happy to be studying voice with Michael Hanko! I wanted to increase my range (which I have) and to find my head voice (which I have). Bonus... I rediscovered my love and joy of singing!
In between lessons I started singing more around the house, in the car, and yes, in the shower. I noticed that my voice was clearer, fuller, stronger and my head voice started to easily show up.
Each time we meet Michael and I discover together ways to find my voice. It's a partnership. It's become a lovely friendship. And... It's fun!

—Sandy D., musical theater performer (Skype student)


I was immediately able to absorb and apply the lessons.  Michael showed me how to make very small changes which made a very large effect on the efficiency of my singing.  His adjustments to my breathing greatly reduce the amount of strain I put on my voice while allowing me to realign myself mid-performance.  Michael’s work in helping me to isolate my different vocal registers gives me the freedom to blend them seamlessly in the context of a dynamic performance.  The impact is noticeable from the first phrase of a song and in the openness I feel in my body and musculature from the first note.

—Matt Butler, singer/songwriter


Michael offers a holistic approach to developing kinesthetic awareness, which is integrated into a fundamental exploration of movement. My favorite aspect of his voice lessons is that he helps me to develop my individual sound rather than teaching me how to “make” a voice. Through lessons, I have learned to be a better pupil: he gives me guidance which I can recall outside my lessons.

—Huaisi Cen, musical theater singer


Michael skillfully blends disciplines in his 3-in-1 approach to create an individualized path for each of his students. Working with him has enhanced my overall well-being and presence as a performer. With an enthusiastic sense of wonder, he delves deeply beyond familiar vocal jargon, and leads his students in a playful yet scientific manner to discover how their unique voice can function with ease, precision, and efficiency. It is a joy to work with him each week.

—Danielle A., musical theater singer

I am in awe of Michael's knowledge of the human voice and how he is immediately able to diagnose the problems and concerns of the pupil and to proceed to offer suggestions and demonstrations to address these problems.  I know how unique each person's voice is and what it takes to be able to help one to achieve his goals.  

—Mary Schatkowski, Church Organist/Choir Director


Michael Hanko is a gifted voice instructor, combining thorough technical knowledge with a keen ear for efficient and easeful singing.  His words and guidance are clear, and the effects of his precise work are immediate.  

—Alexis Martin, Soprano, Met Opera Nat’l Council Regional Winner


Thank you for helping me discover my big voice!  Each lesson is so much fun; also I am making such new and beautiful sounds. THANK YOU for giving me my voice back.  

—Leah Curney, Musical Theater Performer, former node sufferer


My work with Michael has allowed me to sing with a level of ease and consistency I had never thought possible.  His teaching is clear, practical, and flexible.  I have greatly benefitted from working with this insightful and patient technician.  

—Noah Lethbridge, Tenor


We had a blast at our shared couple's lesson! I'm not sure I can even express the power and intimacy I felt from today. I find myself more in love with my husband and astounded at the beauty and richness of my own voice. I heard something lovely today and wow, it was me. Thanks Michael!

—Lenore Cilmi, performer/fashion designer/sign language interpreter, after a lesson she had shared with her husband, Joe (yoga teacher/mechanic)