intensive small-group explorations ($30/$50):


If you are not in the NYC area, contact me to find out about online VocaLab options.

Me with the attendees of my first VocaLab in May of 2017

Me with the attendees of my first VocaLab in May of 2017

Here's an opportunity for deep learning through exploring with a small group of colleagues. In this format, I'll work with a maximum of 4 singers on whatever topics and questions arise in the moment. It's a different spontaneous theme every time...join me for VocaLab!

These sessions take place in my home studio at a time that is mutually convenient for all the participants. I am happy to schedule single VocaLabs or a series of meetings of the same group.

During each VocaLab class, I create a supportive, non-critical atmosphere in which you and up to 3 other singers will feel inspired to explore deeply various aspects of the technique that underlies our art:

  •     vocal registers
  •     breath
  •     vibrato
  •     range
  •     singing at various dynamic levels
  •     vocal agility
  •     resonance/placement
  •     body mechanics and support

Together we will discover vocal ease and brilliance!


Who are these classes for?

  •     Singers of all genres and levels who are looking for a more in-depth learning experience
  •     Singers who enjoy a communal atmosphere of fun and learning
  •     Anyone who is interested in observing/learning my way of teaching singers

When and where do the classes take place?
By appointment in my home studio in Manhattan.

What is the cost of the class?
There is a fee of $50 per person for the 90-minute class. A maximum of 4 singers will be enrolled in each VocaLab. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: You may attend your first VocaLab for only $30. Make sure you indicate in your registration that it is your first time.

Click here to register for any VocaLab. (My private students may also register and pay for classes in person at their lessons.)

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Here's a short video with comments from some of my students for anyone who wants to get an idea of what it's like to work with me: