Voice Lessons

Michael is the teacher I’d been waiting for my whole life.

— Josée Vaillancourt, Soprano, Early Music Specialist

Michael, I don’t know what happened today in my lesson, but I feel incredible. Not only am I able to sing for the first time without pain and strain, even on the high notes, but also I am noticing that physical symptoms I’ve been suffering from for months are starting to recede. My vision is the clearest it’s been in years and my head and jaw suddenly feel light and spacious. Working with you has opened up my whole life in ways I would not have believed before coming to you for lessons. I’m very grateful.

— Matt Butler, rock singer/songwriter

I’ve been to many voice teachers, but only Michael has demonstrated the knowledge of anatomy and how it all works, and the desire to use that knowledge as a teaching tool to help me explore the full expressive potential with my voice. Michael applies his knowledge of and passion for Alexander Technique and proper vocal technique in a way that has led me to much greater vocal discovery than any other voice teacher I’ve studied with. (Working with Michael has also improved my posture and body awareness and thus my overall quality of life.) If you are looking for a teacher, Michael’s unique approach and vast knowledge of the instrument are unique and extremely effective.

— David Dodini, rock singer

I started to work with Michael as I was suffering from neck injury and vocal tension that kept me from singing or even working in the office. Now that my body is better coordinated, I can breathe much more efficiently, and a lot of my vocal tension has been relieved as well! I still have tons to learn from him, but I have a better understanding of my body, which helps me to sing better. Thank you, Michael!

—Tomoko Kern, opera singer

Michael offers a holistic approach to developing kinesthetic awareness, which is integrated into a fundamental exploration of movement. My favorite aspect of his voice lessons is that he helps me to develop my individual sound rather than teaching me how to “make” a voice. Through lessons, I have learned to be a better pupil: he gives me guidance which I can recall outside my lessons.

—Huaisi Cen, musical theater singe

Alexander Technique

Michael’s gentle approach and playful spirit helped me discover a whole new way of moving with ease. I credit him with helping me dissolve some shoulder pain that was bordering on tendonitis. Another time, I was very tired, and had laryngitis — by the end of the session, my voice was coming back! I not only physically felt relief, I experienced a mental and emotional rejuvenation completely new to me. I highly recommend working with Michael to anyone.

—Stephanie Fittro, Actor/Singer/Dancer, Legally Blonde: The Musical

Before I started my work with Michael, I was skeptical. However, the Alexander Technique and Michael’s teaching have changed my life. Now I am very aware of my body and how I move through space. Not only has Michael changed my posture, he has also taught me ways to approach everyday tasks so that I am not focused on end-gaining (that wonderful Alexander term that explains how we rush from activity to activity only thinking about the end, instead of the wonders of the process).

—David Brody, Lecturer, Parsons Design School

I began studying the Alexander Technique with Michael because of a long history of hip pain. My pain disappeared after working with Michael for twelve weeks, but I still take regular lessons because the Alexander Technique helps me to have better posture and to continually improve the way I sit, stand, and walk. The changes I’ve made are subtle and powerful. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your body while avoiding pain and injury, I recommend Michael Hanko.

—Susan Rivera, Psychologist


In my bodywork sessions, Michael makes me aware of tensions in my body that I can’t notice myself; by drawing my attention to them, I can explore and release them. I’ve rid myself of several deeply-buried emotional scars this way. In some ways, it feels like a form of non-invasive surgery. We never know what we’ll discover, and I keep coming back for more.

—Jake Lodwick, web developer

Prior to my sessions with Michael, my body was constantly over-tense, due to my work as a visual artist. Since starting bodywork with Michael, my body is more centered and in dramatically less pain. Every time we finish, I can’t wait to go back — he’s a true miracle worker!

—Ingrid Songster, sculptor

I came to see Michael because of chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as poor posture. His bodywork is AMAZING. Michael really has a gift. I feel so much more limber and freer in my body. Many friends and colleagues have noticed the change in my posture and presentation. Michael exudes positive energy. I would recommend him highly.

—Lizabeth R., pyschotherapist


“Working with Michael is always magical! He has an amazing balance of relaxed playfulness and focused precision when teaching. His seminar helped shed light on that voice in my head that says I’m not good enough or I’m not “there” yet. Throughout the class I became more and more aware of how untrue these thoughts are! I was able to slow down and feel content exactly as I was. I found so much joy singing and listening to my wonderful classmates. Michael is so gifted in how he guides his students towards finding relaxation, joy and their true voice, always aware of the connection between mind, body, and voice.”

– Marguerite Stern, Musical Theater Performer.

Michael Hanko is a gifted voice instructor, combining thorough technical knowledge with a keen ear for efficient and easeful singing.  His words and guidance are clear, and the effects of his precise work are immediate.

—Alexis Martin, Soprano, Met Opera Nat’l Council Regional Winner

Master Classes

“As a voice student of Michael’s for the past several years, I’ve found him to be a very gifted teacher. In his group classes he creates a safe space for participants to try out repertoire and find new approaches. He has an amazing ability to focus on exactly what I am doing in the moment and make a suggestion that has an immediate impact on my level of performance. Class members learn a lot from watching Michael work with each other and we have fun together!”

—Sylvia Floyd, classical soprano

I am in awe of Michael’s knowledge of the human voice and how he is immediately able to diagnose the problems and concerns of the pupil and to proceed to offer suggestions and demonstrations to address these problems. He allows everyone to find their unique voice!

—Mary Schatkowski, Church Organist/Choir Director

My work with Michael has allowed me to sing with a level of ease and consistency I had never thought possible.  His teaching is clear, practical, and flexible.  I have greatly benefited from working with this insightful and patient technician.

—Noah Lethbridge, Tenor