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If you are not a singer, please skip this section and go to Part E.
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Your response may include singing issues (expand range, learn to sing quietly in high range, fix wobble), performance issues (stage fright, shallow breathing), and physical issues (jaw tension, back pain, nodes).
Part E
Even if you're enrolling only for voice lessons, you are asked to complete this section because any aspect of your health can potentially affect your voice.
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Part F
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I will do my best to find a slot that suits you. I teach M-F and offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments.
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You must arrive on time for appointments and may be required to pay the full fee for any appointment shortened by your late arrival.

You must give at least 6 hours' notice to cancel an appointment. Unless there are extenuating circumstances (to be determined by Michael), you may be required to pay in full for any appointment cancelled without sufficient notice.

Each session must be paid for in full no later than at the time of your appointment by cash, check, or credit/debit card. (Online payment is also an option.) If your check is returned unpaid by your bank, Michael will assess a $15 processing fee and may require different means of payment in the future.

The bodywork component of Michael's program may assist your body in its self-healing process, but it is intended to complement medical care, not substitute for it. Some conditions may require intervention from a medical doctor or other health professional. You must inform Michael of any relevant changes in your medical status, including episodes of pain or discomfort, that arise while enrolled in his program.