Seminars and Workshops in NYC

Immersive Exploration in a Supportive Environment

Next NYC workshop: YOUR workshop! Have a group of 4 or more singers who want to explore under Michael’s guidance in a friendly atmosphere? Contact Michael to set up a date for a workshop on any topic of your choice or choose from any of the formats described on this page.

Want to let go of whatever is getting in the way of your greatness as a singer? Come discover how starting with kindness towards yourself creates the possibility of having all your seeming problems dissolve without effort.

Michael has developed a fun, supportive format for vocal seminars and workshops based in kindness to self and others. (See upcoming dates in the FAQ below.) Participants in past events have not only enjoyed a great time and made new friends, they also have discovered new possibilities of skill, coordination, and well-being for themselves as singers and in every area of their lives.

You can experience these profound results for yourself by attending any FBFV event.

  • After all your training and practice, don’t you want to always have access to your full singing potential?
  • Don’t you want a reliable technique that is consistently there when you need it most, such as at performances or auditions?
  • Don’t you want to sound as great when singing in front of people as you do in the privacy of your home?
  • Don’t you want full, easy, relaxed breathing that gives you confidence and supports every nuance of the music you are performing?

You aren’t alone! We all desire these assets but are from time to time blocked from singing our best by physical and mental habits that interfere with the skills we have developed.

Michael’s transformative seminars (6 hours) and workshops (4 hours) will show you how to identify and let go of such obstacles. Michael originally alternated 3 different formats, which he now integrates into each event. So now, in any single event you will learn 1) how to identify and release habits of tension and poor coordination that get in the way of your vocal technique; 2) how to prevent negative thoughts from sabotaging your voice, stifling your creative process, and sapping the joy from your experience; and 3) how to use a powerful practice technique that frees your breath, eases your body, and unleashes your musicality.

Attending any integrated FBFV event will completely transform your ability to shine! You will feel

  • great in your body
  • happier and calmer in your thoughts
  • secure and relaxed in your breathing

All these events are custom-tailored to you and the other participants and may involve light-spirited exercises/games, vocal improv, discussions, and a master class format in which each participant will have the option of singing any piece of music with accompaniment from a professional pianist. To ensure that everyone gets plenty of time to sing, a maximum of 8 participants will be enrolled for each event. Register early to reserve your spot!

Freebody Freevoice Full Day Seminars

You no longer have to attend 3 separate events to get the full FBFV experience. Now, in each event, you’ll experience all of this:

FreeBody = FreeVoice

  • Gain mastery over your posture and coordination
  • Learn how to let your breathing occur naturally to support your singing
  • Feel relaxed and at ease on stage and off
  • Let go of interfering tension in your jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders…anywhere it occurs
  • Find out how YOUR unique voice can emerge without interference

Your Voice & Your Inner Voice

  • Learn how to stop being bullied by the negative thoughts in your head
  • Increase your confidence
  • Connect deeply with the music and your audience
  • Communicate easily with other singers, accompanists, conductors, audition panels
  • Become brilliantly YOU in the world!

Whole-Body Breathing

  • Experience natural, automatic breathing
  • Discover the ability to effortlessly sustain long phrases
  • Enjoy vocal ease, stability, and power
  • Enhance your musical phrasing, rhythmic accuracy, and other elements of your artistry
  • Improve your posture & coordination without effort

You will discover physical ease and peace of mind—available even while you are singing under stressful conditions!

What People Are Saying About FBFV Seminars & Workshops

  • Jim Buckmaster
    Thank you so much for hosting yesterday’s seminar. You and the class really helped open me up and get past some of those inner voices that hold me back when singing. I think of it like that Warner Brother’s cartoon where a tiny frog suddenly breaks out singing in a huge voice — I feel like a frog transformed into a singer. You really do have a way of bringing out the best in a singer and I very much appreciate having the opportunity to learn from you . I’ll see you soon at the next studio class. Thank you again!
    Jim Buckmaster
    Cabaret Singer
  • Marguerite Stern
    Working with Michael is always magical! He has an amazing balance of relaxed playfulness and focused precision when teaching. His seminar helped shed light on that voice in my head that says I’m not good enough or I’m not “there” yet. Throughout the class I became more and more aware of how untrue these thoughts are! I was able to slow down and feel content exactly as I was. I found so much joy singing and listening to my wonderful classmates. Michael is so gifted in how he guides his students towards finding relaxation, joy and their true voice, always aware of the connection between mind, body, and voice.
    Marguerite Stern
    Musical Theater Performer
  • Alexis Martin
    Michael Hanko is a gifted voice instructor, combining thorough technical knowledge with a keen ear for efficient and easeful singing. His words and guidance are clear, and the effects of his precise work are immediate.
    Alexis Martin
    Soprano, Met Opera Nat’l Council Regional Winner


  • Emerging and professional singers of all genres who are looking for an in-depth learning experience
  • Singers who enjoy a communal atmosphere of fun and learning
  • Singers who have been disillusioned with the harsh, judgmental manner in which vocal instruction often takes place and are seeking a compassionate, supportive environment in which to explore under the guidance of a master teacher

The next FBFV workshop will take place on Saturday, January 19, 2018, from 9:45 am to 2:15 pm. This event will cost $150.

(All events include a break for lunch/socializing.)

These events are held at convenient locations in Manhattan easily accessible by public transportation. You will receive more detailed information when you register.

SAVE THE DATES! More events will be offered again in 2019. Put these dates on your calendar now:

March 23, 2019 (More dates coming in the spring….)

The fee for any single 6-hour seminar is $225. The fee for any single 4-hour workshop is $150.

If you are interested in attending a series of events, contact Michael to find out about discounts for purchasing events in bulk.

Email Michael to request attendance. He will email you back more information as well as a link to pay. Your spot will be confirmed once your payment is received. (Michael’s students may also register and pay for events in person at their lessons.) If you feel the impulse to attend, email Michael now: only the first 8 singers to register will be enrolled.

REFUND POLICY: Your payment includes a non-refundable deposit of $50 per seminar. The remainder of your payment will be refunded if you cancel earlier than 1 week before the event. No refunds will be issued for cancellations in the final 7 days before the event. Exceptions for extraordinary circumstances may be made at my discretion. Events will not be held if minimum enrollment is not met. In such a case, your entire payment will be refunded.

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