Performance Classes

Wednesday Master Class Series:

  Mastering The Art of Vocal Performance

Want to ensure that your technique will be reliable when you need it the most: under the challenging conditions of auditioning and performing? These master classes will raise your level of confidence by showing you how to have consistent access to your technique in any situation. Michael’s expert coaching along with the atmosphere of collegial support he creates elicits strong performances from each participant. Those singers who have made it a habit to attend the classes regularly have experienced—often in a matter of just a few weeks—dramatic shifts in their technical and artistic skills and their comfort in singing in public.

These classes are an incredible value. Each time you attend you’ll enjoy

  • a limited class size so that everyone who wishes to can sing for the group.
  • a professional pianist on hand to accompany you (included in the class fee).
  • gentle coaching from Michael that will elicit your best technique effortlessly.
  • the camaraderie of a friendly group of like-minded singers.
  • the most supportive audience you will likely ever sing for!
Freebody Freevoice Weekly Classes

Upcoming Classes

     7:00 – 8:30 PM

  • November 28
  • December 5, 12

Attend any class for $40. Register for FBFV and get $15 off the cost of your first class. (See FAQ below for details.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerging and professional singers of all genres

Yes: a professional pianist will be on hand. If you’d like accompaniment for your song or aria, please bring an extra copy of the sheet music for the pianist (in your chosen key). You may also accompany yourself on piano or another instrument.

MAVP is held on 2-3 Wednesdays per month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at a Manhattan location easily accessed by public transportation—often Ripley-Grier Studios at 520 Eighth Avenue. (See the schedule on this page for exceptions.)

The fee to attend a single class is $40.

Get a $15 discount off the cost of your first class by registering on this site and including Weekly Classes in your choice of program components.

Register now for a class. (Michael’s private students may also register and pay for classes in person at their lessons.)

What People Are Saying About FBFV Weekly Classes

  • Noah Lethbridge
    My work with Michael has allowed me to sing with a level of ease and consistency I had never thought possible. His teaching is clear, practical, and flexible. I have greatly benefited from working with this insightful and patient technician.
    Noah Lethbridge
  • Sylvia Floyd
    As a voice student of Michael’s for the past several years, I’ve found him to be a very gifted teacher. In his group classes he creates a safe space for participants to try out repertoire and find new approaches. He has an amazing ability to focus on exactly what I am doing in the moment and make a suggestion that has an immediate impact on my level of performance. Class members learn a lot from watching Michael work with each other and we have fun together!
    Sylvia Floyd
    Classical Soprano
  • Mary Schatkowski
    I am in awe of Michael’s knowledge of the human voice and how he is immediately able to diagnose the problems and concerns of the pupil and to proceed to offer suggestions and demonstrations to address these problems. He allows everyone to find their unique voice!
    Mary Schatkowski
    Church Organist/Choir Director

This weekly master class is the perfect venue in which singers can prepare pieces for upcoming auditions or performances.

Michael will offer technical and artistic guidance and a professional pianist will be on hand to accompany you in your chosen song or aria. Class size is limited so that everyone who wishes to sing will have the opportunity to do so.

During each class, Michael attentively fosters a supportive, non-critical atmosphere in which you will easily access your brilliance in all aspects of performance:

  • Vocal Technique
  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Musical and Dramatic Interpretation
  • Stage Presence
  • Connection to Your Audience

You will discover how to produce on demand a sense of ease and a high level of artistry.

Weekly Drop-In: Singing Made Easy
Michael Hanko coaching Leah with Byron at the piano