Online Classes

Michael leads online seminars, often by request.

Contact him to enroll in one of the seminars listed below or to request a custom-designed online seminar on a topic of your choice for you and a group of fellow singers.

(Michael also teaches regular online classes through the Total Vocal Freedom Academy, which is an instructional program as well as a supportive community of colleagues open to singers of all genres around the world.)

Upcoming Events

Whole-Body Breathing for Singers

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

In this online seminar for singers (conveniently scheduled for people in Europe), Michael Hanko of FreeBody Free Voice will introduce Whole-Body Breathing, his powerful and easy-to-learn movement pattern for coordinating breath, body, and voice.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience when applying this movement pattern to your singing:

  • Easy access to high notes
  • Better breath control
  • Improved poise and stage presence
  • Richer tone
  • Clarity of phrasing
  • Getting out of your head and into the music

See the Facebook event for this seminar for more information.

Past Events


Here’s an opportunity for deep learning through exploring with a small group of colleagues. In this format, I’ll work with a maximum of 4 singers on whatever topics and questions arise in the moment. It’s a different spontaneous theme every time…join me for VocaLab!

During the VocaLab, I will create a supportive, non-critical atmosphere in which you and a small group of other singers will feel inspired to explore deeply various aspects of the technique that underlies our art:

  • Vocal registers
  • Breath
  • Vibrato
  • Range
  • Singing at various dynamic levels
  • Vocal agility
  • Resonance/placement
  • Body mechanics and support