I consider it part of my responsibilities as a teacher to continue in my own learning process.  But don’t feel sorry for me; there is nothing I enjoy more than learning new skills or refining old ones!  As I review my continuing education schedule for 2010, it seems I find myself in a particularly rich educational environment this year.

First off, I have my own weekly voice lessons with my superb teacher, Donna Reid, during which we not only work on my vocal technique, but also compare teaching notes.  Then, as always, I am studying Alexander Technique with a variety of teachers. Currently, my main Alexander mentors are Mio Morales, under whose guidance I am coming to understand more and more about ease, and Marie Stroud, whose expertise in using developmental movement patterns in teaching has transformed the way I teach the AT.  (One of these days I’ll have to blog about that topic.)

In the world of bodywork, I am excited about three upcoming courses.  In March, I’ll be taking my first course in Neural Manipulation, learning more about how to affect the health of the entire body by working directly on the nerves.  (I promise not to work your last one!)  In September, I’ll be continuing in my craniosacral education with the second-level course in Somato-Emotional Release, which explores the connection between our emotions and how they manifest in our tissues.  And in November, I’ll be taking the next level of Visceral Manipulation, which covers the organs of the thorax–basically all the body parts most intimately connected with singing!

I am looking forward to sharing with my students all the new skills and knowledge I’ll be learning!

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