Foundations of the Program

Michael’s eclectic and creative approach underlies all FBFV offerings.

It is based on responding to what is observed at each point in time. Michael has developed the skill of observation to a virtuosic extent. As he interacts with students, his acute ears, eyes, and hands pick up on the subtlest of nuances, allowing him to discern what is called for in each moment.

The FBFV approach allows Michael and his students to deftly adapt to changing circumstances.

There will be no one-size-fits-all method with Michael. He’ll custom-design every session to suit you as you are right then and there. You’ll be the grateful beneficiary of Michael’s attentiveness. Not only does his approach give spectacular results, it also makes the learning process continually surprising, fresh, and fun.

Michael’s teaching skills arose out of a merging of his study in many disciplines.

Four of these make up the foundations of his approach:

Functional Voice Training

Functional Voice Training

A way of understanding the voice from a scientific perspective, based on bel canto principles and developed by acclaimed pedagogue Cornelius Reid.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique

A particular approach to the study of human coordination from a mind-body perspective, originating from the lifework of F.M. Alexander.



Michael’s multi-faceted approach to hands-on healing that works via gentle touch to identify areas of excessive tension in the body and encourage them to release.

Transformational Practices

Michael explores–independently and with beloved colleagues–enlightenment, living in the moment, and what it means to be a human being.