I am continually astounded by the high level of skill that Michael maintains in multiple areas of expertise. And the synergy among them has quite amazing effects.
— Karen Krueger, classical choral singer

When your mind, body, and voice are truly free, you will experience a magical unleashing of your full creative potential.

In singing you are your instrument. But you are not simply a set of vocal cords; you are a complex human being with a body and a mind—with organs, thoughts, emotions, and habits—which is why my complete voice training program is so effective.

Functional Voice Lessons

Functional Voice Lessons

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique



Enrolling in my program is like consulting with a coordinated team of experts in three fields, all working together to bring you to your highest level of vocal excellence.

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Michael’s hands are magic. When I get off his table, I feel more alive, more grounded and free of so many of the mental and physical tensions that I walked in with. When we go to sing after a session of bodywork, Michael leads our session with curiosity, passion and patience. There hasn’t been a session I’ve had with him where we didn’t find a significant new sound or new way to make sound. He is a calm, kind man with tremendous knowledge across many disciplines and I’m lucky to have found him.

—Denis Lambert, Broadway performer (singer/dancer/actor)


I am continually astounded by the high level of skill that Michael maintains in multiple areas of expertise.  And the synergy among them has quite amazing effects.

The singer's instrument is the whole body and mind, and Michael's work addresses the whole.  As a body worker, he gently moves your body towards greater ease and mobility.  As an Alexander Technique teacher, he helps you maintain that ease and mobility by rediscovering your body's natural ability to be balanced, energetic, free and resilient.  As a voice teacher, he shows you how use this improved foundation to build your singing skills.

All of this happens in an atmosphere of happy exploration, in which the teacher-student relationship is positive, non-judgmental and supportive.  I always walk out of my time with Michael with a song in my heart and on my lips!

—Karen G. Krueger, classical choral singer


Working with Michael is hard to describe in words. It is a world that is created in the experience itself throughout each encounter. No one session is like the other. His approach is unique and integrates voice, bodywork, and mental work which together have so much value for me - not only for my singing - but for my overall well-being. There are many moments in the session that seem to "click" inside me, and which I can then reconnect to in life or when performing. It's like a deeper understanding of my own self. I know he is very skilled in each of the disciplines he works with, but in my opinion, the real essence of it all is Michael himself. His intelligence, sensitivity, and genuine presence. He is where the real magic comes from and that is what stays with me.

— Sharon Gesthalter, pop vocalist


In my work with Michael for the past three and a half years, I have found him to be a very gifted voice and Alexander teacher. Unlike many voice teachers who use a “one size fits all” approach, Michael is able to tune in continually to my specific vocal challenges and find a variety of creative and also practical ways to deal with them. He often uses a passage from a piece of music I am studying at the moment as the basis for a vocal exercise. He also seamlessly integrates the principles of the Alexander technique into our work.  In his hands-on bodywork, he also shows extraordinary sensitivity to what is happening to me physically so that when I get up from the table, I feel much more in balance. His positive approach has encouraged me to be open to using my voice and body in new and more effective ways. 

—Sylvia Floyd, opera singer


I’ve been to many voice teachers, but only Michael has demonstrated the knowledge of anatomy and how it all works, and the desire to use that knowledge as a teaching tool to help me explore the full expressive potential with my voice. Michael applies his knowledge of and passion for Alexander Technique and proper vocal technique in a way that has led me to much greater vocal discovery than any other voice teacher I've studied with. (Working with Michael has also improved my posture and body awareness and thus my overall quality of life.) If you are looking for a teacher, Michael's unique approach and vast knowledge of the instrument are unique and extremely effective.

—David Dodini, rock singer


I started to work with Michael as I was suffering from neck injury and vocal tension that kept me from singing or even working in the office. Now that my body is better coordinated, I can breathe much more efficiently, and a lot of my vocal tension has been relieved as well! I still have tons to learn from him, but I have a better understanding of my body, which helps me to sing better. Thank you, Michael!

—Tomoko Kern, opera singer


Michael offers a holistic approach to developing kinesthetic awareness, which is integrated into a fundamental exploration of movement. My favorite aspect of his voice lessons is that he helps me to develop my individual sound rather than teaching me how to “make” a voice. Through lessons, I have learned to be a better pupil: he gives me guidance which I can recall outside my lessons.

—Huaisi Cen, musical theater singer


Michael skillfully blends disciplines in his 3-in-1 approach to create an individualized path for each of his students. Working with him has enhanced my overall well-being and presence as a performer. With an enthusiastic sense of wonder, he delves deeply beyond familiar vocal jargon, and leads his students in a playful yet scientific manner to discover how their unique voice can function with ease, precision, and efficiency. It is a joy to work with him each week.

—Danielle A., musical theater singer