The FBFV Difference

FBFV is a one-of-a-kind program, put together by an independent thinker with a unique vision.

Here Michael expresses in his own words the unconventional–and special–nature of his teaching:

Michael Hanko

I use the word “teacher” to describe myself because that’s what people Google. I actually prefer to think of my students and myself as co-explorers. When we combine our brilliance to study something, amazing discoveries happen all around.

There is nothing more important to me than your ability to feel good about yourself.

I am not big on practicing—at least not as that term is usually understood. You won’t have to slog through exercises between your lessons…you’re going to learn how to explore to expand your horizons.

I will rarely tell you to DO anything. We are looking to allow the right things to happen in your singing. So you can let go of raising your soft palate, supporting your sound, placing your tone, and many of the other difficult and unproductive tasks that may be currently burdening your singing.

I don’t want you to warm up for your lessons; you’ll just be warming up your habits.

When I’m teaching, I often make up stuff to try out on the spur of the moment. Because my crazy inventions are backed up with so much experience and knowledge, they usually work.

We’re going to get your breathing so coordinated that you won’t ever again have to ‘take’ a breath.

Unless you want it otherwise, our interaction will be light-hearted and full of laughs.

I have discovered that learning is often astonishingly indirect. You never know what tiny awareness will unlock your next leap forward in understanding.

I didn’t always know that singing could be easy, but I eventually figured it out. So now I can offer you a shortcut to this possibility. (Hint: it involves getting out of your head.)