Learning in a group is fun—either on its own or as an complement to your private lessons. In my workshops, I’ll lead you and your fellow explorers into discovering your FreeVoice and your FreeBody through activities, demonstrations, and discussions. Your interests and questions will determine the direction of each workshop—it’s different every time!

I’m currently offering workshops in the formats listed below. My event calendar shows all scheduled events. Register for any of them by clicking on the “email me” link in the individual calendar listing. Or just get in touch with me by any other means.

Available Workshops:

The fee for each format is shown below. Your fee entitles you to bring one friend at no additional charge. (The friend must be someone who has never studied with me.)

(A summer discount is in effect until after Labor Day 2015: $20 off the fees shown below. The master classes are of course free!)

• FreeVoices! 

Group voice classes are not only fun; this format also opens up learning possibilities beyond those available in private study. In a group of singers, you can sharpen that crucial skill which underlies all technical advancement—listening. Subtleties not easily perceived in your own voice will become clear as you hear them expressed in others. The specific focus of each class will present itself once we assemble and begin to sing—individually and in harmony!

These 75-minute classes center around technical issues of vocal production. (We’ll explore how to apply your technique to making music in my Repertoire Master Classes.) The fee for a group voice class is $60 per participant (3 minimum, 4 maximum).

• FreeBodies! 

Learn how to elicit healthy, natural movement, posture, and breathing in real-life situations. You’ll choose activities according to your interests and we’ll explore how to increase your ease and skill while keeping injury and pain at bay. You can bring in virtually any activity, from the everyday—tooth-brushing, texting, walking—to the virtuoso—playing a sonata, hip-hop dancing, swinging a golf club. (You are invited to bring in any equipment your activity requires.)

Depending on what happens as we explore, the workshop could include discussions, experiments, group exercises, and anatomy lessons. The only certainty is that our collaboration is sure to result in a lot of fun!

The fee for these 90-minute workshops is $75 per participant (3 minimum, 5 maximum).

• FBFV Master Classes 

These free public demonstrations of my approach to voice teaching show how the principles of FreeBody FreeVoice come together in lessons and in performance. You may attend as a singer or observer. Prospective students are encouraged to come to a Master Class to find out how they will benefit from working with me.

Each performing participant will sing a passage from a piece of music of his/her choice for the group. You’ll receive feedback from your peers—invaluable since we can’t hear ourselves as others do—as well as coaching from me on vocal technique, interpretation, posture, breathing, stage presence—all the factors that add up to a moving, artistic performance.

Anyone who wishes to observe as I work with the singers (and ask questions) may attend as an auditor. You’ll learn about functional voice training, the Alexander Technique, and other elements of FreeBody FreeVoice…and of course practice the crucial skill of functional listening. Watching a singer increase his or her level of skill in front of an audience also makes for great theater—the ultimate reality show!

Some master classes involve a professional accompanist. Other times I sit at the piano myself. Check individual date listings for details.

These master classes are free for both singing participants and auditors. Singers of all styles/genres are welcome. Enrollment is limited to 3-5 singing participants. The number of auditors will be limited only by the size of the venue.