“Voice-Enhancing Bodywork”


Reducing throat tension – my new bodywork method for singers

Hello again, readers.  Did you wonder where’d I’d been all these weeks? Well, I’ve been busy studying anatomy texts, taking new bodywork courses, reading books on […]

Coming home. . . .

Well, I’m on the Bolt Bus ($10) back from Boston, feeling exhausted but eager to try out my new skills  in the coming week on whoever of you […]

Greetings from Boston

Hello, Readers.  I am in Boston for the next three days for a course in Neural Manipulation, which will give me more techniques to incorporate into […]

Taking part in your own learning process

In the kind of healing work I do (including Voice-Enhancing Bodywork), one of my core challenges is discovering where in the client’s body to concentrate my […]

Sizing up the Competition – Celebrity Edition

You’ll probably recognize the student in this video; she’s one of the truly great entertainers.  (And watch to the end for a hilarious impression of her […]