Reconsidering recording

One of the benefits of writing is that it shines light on my thinking, allowing me to see it more clearly. Sometimes, this catalyzes a more […]

Recording your lessons revisited

A few years back in another blog post I explained the best way to use recordings that you make of your lessons. I think what I wrote […]

You don’t have to think ALL the thoughts!

You should have seen the first videos I created when the software for editing video on home computers first became available. (Actually, consider yourself lucky if […]

Finding your way in

The hardest part of working out is, for me, getting started. But once I’ve dragged my complaining butt to the gym, I simply—— I was about to […]

Working out some linguistic kinks

I love to work. I love working in my balcony garden, working in my kitchen, working on composing song lyrics, working with my students on discovering […]

What should I do with my pelvic floor?

This post is in response to questions from a reader named Jeff: I’m always a tad bewildered/beleaguered by degree of pelvic floor (ie lower ab) engagement, […]

A historic lesson

My voice teacher, Donna Reid, and I felt as though we had made history at my voice lesson today. Together, we arrived at a higher level […]

You suck at hearing yourself

F.M. Alexander wrote about a phenomenon he called debauched kinesthesia, a tendency to misinterpret how our own alignment feels to us. I can get so used […]

1st Anniversary of My Weekly Master Class!

My next class is a celebration! We’ve been meeting weekly now for a year—since my first class on March 1, 2017. And what a wonderful year […]