Practicing is not a voice lesson!

Think of the different situations in which you may find yourself singing: • in a lesson • in your practice room • in a performance • […]

Help—I’ve forgotten my lesson!

One of my overseas students, John, whom I’ve been teaching online, recently requested that I allow him to record his lessons. He was concerned—this is a […]

Book Review: Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code: Intriguing neurobiology, disastrous and illogical conclusions

One of my students recently recommended that I take a look at Daniel Coyle’s book (Bantam Dell, 2009), The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born.  It’s grown. […]

My lessons are going so well — why can’t I sing that well in my songs?

Singing even a simple song is a act of incredible complexity.  You have to produce a well-coordinated tone on pitches that change frequently, often jumping around […]

Don’t try this at home! Why it’s not possible to recreate your voice lessons on your own

The way we work together in your voice lessons is basically this: I give you an exercise to sing.  You sing it, as spontaneously as possible, […]

Should you record your lessons? Tips on practicing

Whether or not you benefit from recording your lessons depends on how you plan to use the recordings.  I’ll first describe what not to do with […]