How to use your awareness for your own good

If there’s a core concept underlying all my teaching, it’s awareness. If you simply pay attention, I tell my students, to what’s going on in this […]
Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

Thinking vs. feeling: the eternal conundrum

We decided to take a later train and ferry to get to Fire Island this evening, so I find myself with a couple of extra hours […]

Sing greener

In an unspoiled natural ecosystem (surely there are some left in remoter parts of our planet) species coexist in a finely tuned balance.  Change happens—species may […]

How to “kick” a bad vocal habit

I’ve blogged before about the importance for singers of maintaining a uniform vowel when moving from note to note.  By not altering the shape of your […]

The Alexander/voice link

I’m lucky to have a voice teacher (Donna Reid) who, like me, is also an Alexander Teacher.  In my lessons, Donna and I often explore ways to […]

The Magic Button Delusion

Pushing a button to accomplish a task is deeply satisfying.  When riding an elevator as children, my sisters and I would vie for the privilege of […]