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My voice teacher superpower

You probably are super-skilled in ways that you don’t even notice, because it’s just how you are. Other people notice these skills and admire you for […]

Reducing throat tension – my new bodywork method for singers

Hello again, readers.  Did you wonder where’d I’d been all these weeks? Well, I’ve been busy studying anatomy texts, taking new bodywork courses, reading books on […]

Under Construction

When a highway is being resurfaced, you have to find a temporary alternative route.  In a similar way, the new vocal technique you are working on […]

Am I leading a recycled life?

Happy August, Readers! In honor of this hot and lazy month, I am taking off from teaching starting this weekend until after Labor Day.  I’d like […]

Is it worth it?

This past week, my student Jake asked me if I thought this quote represented the truth: “No matter how many specific ends you may gain, you […]

When teachers misbehave

Last Friday, the voice lesson of one of my students—let’s call him “George”—ended on a sour note. . .and I’m not referring to any of the […]

What I learned from my parents

The title of this post does not refer to those life-lessons we all (at least us lucky ones) learn from our parents during our formative years. […]

Can voice lessons save your life?

Not all of my students identify as singers.  I have a number of students who are seniors living in the co-op where I live.  I make […]

Having a clear mental conception

Let’s perform a thought experiment.  Imagine carrying out the following pair of instructions: 1) Emit a stream of air through your larynx while opening and closing […]