Practicing is not a voice lesson!

Think of the different situations in which you may find yourself singing: • in a lesson • in your practice room • in a performance • […]

Help—I’ve forgotten my lesson!

One of my overseas students, John, whom I’ve been teaching online, recently requested that I allow him to record his lessons. He was concerned—this is a […]

Under Construction

When a highway is being resurfaced, you have to find a temporary alternative route.  In a similar way, the new vocal technique you are working on […]

Feelings…nothing more than feelings

It’s a very human characteristic to want to finally figure something out: “Now I’ve got it!” Unfortunately, the moment we think we have figured something out […]

Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Voice Lessons?

I recently received an email from a young man named Alex wanting to know whether he should start voice lessons now, while his voice was still […]

The Danielle Principle

My student Danielle had the opportunity a few days ago to take a lesson with her former voice teacher. It seems to have been a real […]

Aren’t lessons supposed to make me BETTER?

If you tracked any process of self-improvement over a long period of time (your progress in the gym, say) you would probably not observe a smooth […]

My lessons are going so well — why can’t I sing that well in my songs?

Singing even a simple song is a act of incredible complexity.  You have to produce a well-coordinated tone on pitches that change frequently, often jumping around […]

What I learned from my parents

The title of this post does not refer to those life-lessons we all (at least us lucky ones) learn from our parents during our formative years. […]