Expending Effort Wisely

(While I’m on vacation — from teaching and blogging — I hope you enjoy this piece from my website archives.) Many people have the misconception — […]

Am I strong enough? Whoo!

Yesterday at my weekly voice lesson, I made the kind of misjudgment I hear all the time from my students and from health professionals. My teacher, […]

Stretching: the truth (part 1)

Stretching can be as formalized and challenging as a yoga pose: Or as simple and mindless as what you do to accompany your first yawn of […]

Another benefit of the Alexander Technique

In re-reading my last posting, I realized that I had identified another benefit for studying the Alexander Technique—one that I have not seen expressed before or […]

Why warm up?

Do you warm up before singing?  Before exercising? Do you have a specific intention behind your warm-ups?  If so, how well does your warm-up regimen fulfill […]