What should I do with my pelvic floor?

This post is in response to questions from a reader named Jeff: I’m always a tad bewildered/beleaguered by degree of pelvic floor (ie lower ab) engagement, […]

Reducing throat tension – my new bodywork method for singers

Hello again, readers.  Did you wonder where’d I’d been all these weeks? Well, I’ve been busy studying anatomy texts, taking new bodywork courses, reading books on […]

Arm, arm, ye brave!

In singing or any other activity, we get the best response out of our bodies when they are well coordinated. This means that all the muscles […]

Another Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Throughout history, men have enjoyed a societal permission to celebrate their strength.  Women, on the other hand, have long been encouraged not only to subjugate themselves […]

Singing: It ain’t natural!

You often hear singers talk of singing naturally, as though singing were an inherent bodily function like vision or walking or blood circulation. The Alexander Technique […]