Release Restrictions in Your Body

Health implies movement. All your body parts must be free to move in relation to each other for maximum wellness and performance. This includes not only your muscles and bones, but also your organs, nerves, and the myriad connective tissues throughout your body.

My bodywork is designed to identify areas of restricted mobility in your body and to release these restrictions. In every session, you will likely experience profound relaxation and a sense of increased freedom, internal and external. You will feel lighter, more spacious, liberated.

The benefits are particularly significant for singers.

Sometimes, even when your technique is good, you may be held back from progressing vocally by tensions within your body that you have no control over.  I will determine if the source of the problem lies in your tissues, not in your technique, and take corrective action.

Release restrictions in your body.
Freebody Freevoice Bodywork

If in the course of your lessons we come up against bodily restrictions that are interfering with your singing, we will schedule a session of bodywork. During the session, as you lie (fully clothed) on the table, I will gently guide your body into releasing the restrictions and returning to full health and functionality. You will appreciate, along with the profound state of relaxation that generally results, an increased freedom in all the organs involved in singing:

  • Jaw & tongue
  • Neck, shoulders, & back
  • Laryngeal musculature
  • Facial musculature
  • Diaphragm & lungs

The bodywork I do is my own fusion of elements from the many modalities in which I have trained: Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Reiki, and the Alexander Technique. Bodywork sessions are available individually or—since three sessions is the usual minimum recommended course of treatment—in discounted packages of three 60-minute sessions. See chart on fees page for details.

What People Are Saying About FBFV Bodywork

  • Jake Lodwick
    In my bodywork sessions, Michael makes me aware of tensions in my body that I can’t notice myself; by drawing my attention to them, I can explore and release them. I’ve rid myself of several deeply-buried emotional scars this way. In some ways, it feels like a form of non-invasive surgery. We never know what we’ll discover, and I keep coming back for more.
    Jake Lodwick
    Web Developer
  • Ingrid Songster
    Prior to my sessions with Michael, my body was constantly over-tense, due to my work as a visual artist. Since starting bodywork with Michael, my body is more centered and in dramatically less pain. Every time we finish, I can’t wait to go back — he’s a true miracle worker!
    Ingrid Songster
  • Lizabeth R.
    I came to see Michael because of chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as poor posture. His bodywork is AMAZING. Michael really has a gift. I feel so much more limber and freer in my body. Many friends and colleagues have noticed the change in my posture and presentation. Michael exudes positive energy. I would recommend him highly.
    Lizabeth R.