An unexpected Alexander/Voice link

I’ve been invited by the Training Director of the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT—my AT alma mater) to come and give a class to […]

Can voice lessons save your life?

Not all of my students identify as singers.  I have a number of students who are seniors living in the co-op where I live.  I make […]

Coming home. . . .

Well, I’m on the Bolt Bus ($10) back from Boston, feeling exhausted but eager to try out my new skills  in the coming week on whoever of you […]

Greetings from Boston

Hello, Readers.  I am in Boston for the next three days for a course in Neural Manipulation, which will give me more techniques to incorporate into […]

Having a clear mental conception

Let’s perform a thought experiment.  Imagine carrying out the following pair of instructions: 1) Emit a stream of air through your larynx while opening and closing […]

Sing greener

In an unspoiled natural ecosystem (surely there are some left in remoter parts of our planet) species coexist in a finely tuned balance.  Change happens—species may […]

Conscious control vs reflex response

In working on a short article for submission to Classical Singer magazine,  I’ve reached an impasse in my thinking.  Before I can continue writing my article, I […]

Taking part in your own learning process

In the kind of healing work I do (including Voice-Enhancing Bodywork), one of my core challenges is discovering where in the client’s body to concentrate my […]

The advantage of self-discovery

My student J. L., perhaps more than anyone else I’ve even known, is a master of meta-thinking.  That is, he thinks very cleverly about his thinking. […]