My lessons are going so well — why can’t I sing that well in my songs?

Singing even a simple song is a act of incredible complexity.  You have to produce a well-coordinated tone on pitches that change frequently, often jumping around […]

When teachers misbehave

Last Friday, the voice lesson of one of my students—let’s call him “George”—ended on a sour note. . .and I’m not referring to any of the […]

The 5 stupidest things I ever heard from voice teachers

1. To hit high notes, pretend there’s a marble between your butt cheeks and squeeze it.  (From my high school chorus teacher.  After my 10th grade […]

What I learned from my parents

The title of this post does not refer to those life-lessons we all (at least us lucky ones) learn from our parents during our formative years. […]

The Everything Whisperer

I think I’m going to have to add a fourth “main influence” to the Art & Science of Singing: Cesar Millan, “The Dog Whisperer.” Originally, I […]

Am I strong enough? Whoo!

Yesterday at my weekly voice lesson, I made the kind of misjudgment I hear all the time from my students and from health professionals. My teacher, […]

How to bowl a perfect game. . .or sing a perfect tone

Have you ever released a bowling ball down the lane towards the pins and “coached” it as it rolled, begging it to go a little farther […]

The amazing new Ease-o-Matic Indicator!!!

In Alexander lessons, one of the functions I perform for my students is to help them monitor their state of ease as they do various activities. […]

The focus in learning

Lately in my lessons, both as teacher and as student, I’ve been thinking about the relationship in learning between 1) fostering the particular skills under development […]