Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Voice Lessons?

I recently received an email from a young man named Alex wanting to know whether he should start voice lessons now, while his voice was still […]

The Danielle Principle

My student Danielle had the opportunity a few days ago to take a lesson with her former voice teacher. It seems to have been a real […]

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Toni asked me recently to explain the concept of bocca ridente, Italian for “smiling mouth.”  This is an old term, first used by singing teachers in […]

Bridging the gap

Toni has requested that I blog about the passaggio and about bocca ridente. I’ll cover the former in today’s post. The passaggio (Italian for “bridge”) is […]

Different Singing Styles

This post is a response to the following query that came emailed to me from Toni in Washington State: “Michael,  I don’t want to sing opera […]

Open throat, take two — with a more positive attitude

My friend Nanette (who, in 11th grade, introduced me to the magical world of THEATER) recently commented on this blog that my continuing emphasis on the […]

How do I open my throat?

My friend Toni sent me an email with this eloquently expressed plea for understanding: “I still don’t anatomically understand why as you go up the register […]

One step back, Two steps forward

New York City — and it seems my neighborhood of Chelsea in particular — is in a perpetual state of renewal.  To exercise my dogs, I […]

Aren’t lessons supposed to make me BETTER?

If you tracked any process of self-improvement over a long period of time (your progress in the gym, say) you would probably not observe a smooth […]