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How to elicit students’ vowel awareness

Wow—has it really been a month since my last posting?  It’s ironic, but since I started blogging and otherwise increasing my web presence as a teacher, […]

Feelings…nothing more than feelings

It’s a very human characteristic to want to finally figure something out: “Now I’ve got it!” Unfortunately, the moment we think we have figured something out […]

Arm, arm, ye brave!

In singing or any other activity, we get the best response out of our bodies when they are well coordinated. This means that all the muscles […]

Is it worth it?

This past week, my student Jake asked me if I thought this quote represented the truth: “No matter how many specific ends you may gain, you […]

Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Voice Lessons?

I recently received an email from a young man named Alex wanting to know whether he should start voice lessons now, while his voice was still […]

The Danielle Principle

My student Danielle had the opportunity a few days ago to take a lesson with her former voice teacher. It seems to have been a real […]

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Toni asked me recently to explain the concept of bocca ridente, Italian for “smiling mouth.”  This is an old term, first used by singing teachers in […]

Bridging the gap

Toni has requested that I blog about the passaggio and about bocca ridente. I’ll cover the former in today’s post. The passaggio (Italian for “bridge”) is […]

Different Singing Styles

This post is a response to the following query that came emailed to me from Toni in Washington State: “Michael,  I don’t want to sing opera […]