Under Construction

When a highway is being resurfaced, you have to find a temporary alternative route.  In a similar way, the new vocal technique you are working on […]

Levels of Intervention

As a youngster, I was a bit of a smart-aleck.  One of my sisters would ask me a perfectly legitimate question: “Do you know where my […]

The View from the Mountaintop

  Have you ever become so engrossed in a book that you completely lost track of time and eventually looked up from your reading to realize […]

Expending Effort Wisely

Many people have the misconception — and I have to admit to my own deeply ingrained version of this misconception — that the Alexander Technique is […]

The power of intention

The skill I’ve developed through my Alexander work in manifesting intentions paid off in an unexpected way today. I have been running with my dog, Freddy, […]

Am I leading a recycled life?

Happy August, Readers! In honor of this hot and lazy month, I am taking off from teaching starting this weekend until after Labor Day.  I’d like […]

Welcome, Classical Singer readers!

I’m very pleased to announce that Classical Singer magazine has published an article I wrote in their August 2010 issue, which is now on sale.  (Non-subscribers […]

Coming this fall — new teaching format!

Hello, dear readers.  I’m back from Fire Island, where, as planned, I did nothing much other than rest and take the dogs for romps on the […]
Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

Thinking vs. feeling: the eternal conundrum

We decided to take a later train and ferry to get to Fire Island this evening, so I find myself with a couple of extra hours […]