New directions (literally!) for my work

In the past couple of months, my approach to teaching has evolved rapidly and radically. You might say that it has transformed. Ever since I got […]

10 Tips for getting the most out of your lessons

A student of mine recently requested a set of clear guidelines for how to best approach the exercises we do in her lessons. I thought compiling […]

The role of abs in singing

If there’s any aspect of singing technique that is rampant with misconceptions, it’s the concept of “breath support”. Actually, that’s not a phrase I use at […]

Shake it up, baby—mastering vibrato

This new website is great! [This post was written when my blog was hosted by a previous service.] Today I received my first blog question from […]

An amazing congruence

Anyone who knows me might have noticed that in the past month I have been happier than ever before in my life. Well, I’VE noticed for […]

Marcus’s perfect breath

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday (my final day of teaching before summer vacation) brought me an astonishing gift. I was witness to a perfect reflexive in-breath. Let […]
Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Beware the “method”!

My teacher Cornelius Reid used to warn budding teachers, “There are as many singing methods as there are singers.” He meant, I believe, that 1) people […]

Reducing throat tension – my new bodywork method for singers

Hello again, readers.  Did you wonder where’d I’d been all these weeks? Well, I’ve been busy studying anatomy texts, taking new bodywork courses, reading books on […]

Book Review: Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code: Intriguing neurobiology, disastrous and illogical conclusions

One of my students recently recommended that I take a look at Daniel Coyle’s book (Bantam Dell, 2009), The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born.  It’s grown. […]