How to listen in lessons

When you are listening to your teacher’s instruction during a lesson, make it easy for the new ideas to get in by listening non-judgmentally. This means […]

Blog Lesson: How much curve should there be in my low back?

My reader Emily posed this question: I have a tendency to over-arch my lower back (banana back).  Is there a way to think about sitting that […]

Gotta Move! (10 body movements that help in coordinating voices)

I’ve been itching to be in motion since those early years when I’d glue aluminum foil strips down the sides of my pants and boogie around […]

First-ever Blog Lesson!

This Alexander lesson in the form of a blog post is dedicated to Camara Rhodes, who inspired it by asking the following question: So I carry […]

Whither teaching in the 21st Century? (Inventing a new lesson format)

Inventing the blog lesson.


New directions (literally!) for my work

In the past couple of months, my approach to teaching has evolved rapidly and radically. You might say that it has transformed. Ever since I got […]

10 Tips for getting the most out of your lessons

A student of mine recently requested a set of clear guidelines for how to best approach the exercises we do in her lessons. I thought compiling […]

The role of abs in singing

If there’s any aspect of singing technique that is rampant with misconceptions, it’s the concept of “breath support”. Actually, that’s not a phrase I use at […]

Shake it up, baby—mastering vibrato

This new website is great! [This post was written when my blog was hosted by a previous service.] Today I received my first blog question from […]