Help—I’ve forgotten my lesson!

One of my overseas students, John, whom I’ve been teaching online, recently requested that I allow him to record his lessons. He was concerned—this is a […]

1st Anniversary of My Weekly Master Class!

My next class is a celebration! We’ve been meeting weekly now for a year—since my first class on March 1, 2017. And what a wonderful year […]

How to listen to voices while teaching

In this post, I will answer a question posed to me by my student Paulo J., who is a voice teacher as well as a singer. […]

How to take in the sound of your own voice

This post is almost identical to my last one. I changed a few words to show how the skill of listening can be applied to your […]

How to take in information

Your mind is designed to keep you safely where you are. Pay attention to your thoughts as you are reading (like this post!) or listening to […]

A new collaboration

I’m excited to be expanding into a new type of teaching this year. My colleague Peter Jacobson and I—both teachers of Alexander Technique who work with […]

Warning to self after a great lesson

Hey there, dude. You know that thing that you learned in today’s lesson? That big thing that made all the difference? Just wanted you to realize: […]

Getting myself lost

If I did this, you’d think I was an idiot: Say I called you up and wanted to know how to get to Madison Square Garden. […]
Cornelius Reid

Listening is the key

Cornelius Reid was fond of saying about voice lessons, “We are primarily engaged in ear training here.” I presumed for years that I knew what he […]