The Registers – Descriptions and Sound Clips

In my way of looking at the voice, influenced by the work of Cornelius Reid, a register is the sound quality produced by the action of […]

The Magic Button Delusion

Pushing a button to accomplish a task is deeply satisfying.  When riding an elevator as children, my sisters and I would vie for the privilege of […]

Sizing up the Competition – Celebrity Edition

You’ll probably recognize the student in this video; she’s one of the truly great entertainers.  (And watch to the end for a hilarious impression of her […]

Finding a voice teacher – a checklist to use in your search

As a singer, I understand that finding the right voice teacher can be a difficult process.  A teacher is someone you are entrusting your voice to […]

Don’t jostle your larynx!

Ever try writing (the old-fashioned way, with a pen or pencil) on a moving train?  If so, you know how extraneous movement interferes with fine motor […]

How I’m honing my teaching skills

I consider it part of my responsibilities as a teacher to continue in my own learning process.  But don’t feel sorry for me; there is nothing […]

The myth of method

Probably the most Frequently Asked Question I get from prospective voice students is “What method do you teach?”  Sometimes when they hear my reply—that I don’t […]

Don’t try this at home! Why it’s not possible to recreate your voice lessons on your own

The way we work together in your voice lessons is basically this: I give you an exercise to sing.  You sing it, as spontaneously as possible, […]

How to recognize correct singing

Correct singing is effortless.  It leaves your whole body feeling energized and raises your spirits.