10 great ways to ruin your voice

Shouting over loud music in a bar/restaurant Smoking/drugs/excessive drinking “Placement” Belly breathing  Pushing or any other kind of straining Believing that singing is like sustained speaking […]

The Alexander/voice link

I’m lucky to have a voice teacher (Donna Reid) who, like me, is also an Alexander Teacher.  In my lessons, Donna and I often explore ways to […]

The perfect vocal exercise

In a recent post, I defined what I mean by a register and described the qualities of both the falsetto register and the chest register. One […]

Singing: It ain’t natural!

You often hear singers talk of singing naturally, as though singing were an inherent bodily function like vision or walking or blood circulation. The Alexander Technique […]

Sizing up the Competition – The Genius of Miranda

Sometimes I view instructional videos from various voice teachers to see how their philosophies and teaching methods compare with mine.  I have so far encountered no […]

The Registers – Descriptions and Sound Clips

In my way of looking at the voice, influenced by the work of Cornelius Reid, a register is the sound quality produced by the action of […]

The Magic Button Delusion

Pushing a button to accomplish a task is deeply satisfying.  When riding an elevator as children, my sisters and I would vie for the privilege of […]

Sizing up the Competition – Celebrity Edition

You’ll probably recognize the student in this video; she’s one of the truly great entertainers.  (And watch to the end for a hilarious impression of her […]

Finding a voice teacher – a checklist to use in your search

As a singer, I understand that finding the right voice teacher can be a difficult process.  A teacher is someone you are entrusting your voice to […]