Warming up to my topic

Here in NYC, the temperatures have started creeping up a little, bringing a welcome end to the weeks-long cold snap during which the temperature rarely exceeded […]

Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!

I’ve noticed how almost all students have a tendency to interrupt their greatest successes: in the midst of a vocal exercise, they’ll suddenly pull the plug […]

FAQ: How many lessons will I need?

In our culture, we love to buy into the fantasy of overnight transformation, and seem to trust the exaggerated promises more when they are explicitly quantified: […]

How to “kick” a bad vocal habit

I’ve blogged before about the importance for singers of maintaining a uniform vowel when moving from note to note.  By not altering the shape of your […]

Another Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Throughout history, men have enjoyed a societal permission to celebrate their strength.  Women, on the other hand, have long been encouraged not only to subjugate themselves […]

Things you’ll never hear me say in a voice lesson: RAISE YOUR SOFT PALATE

This is my first in a series of myth-busting posts, in which I hope to dispel some common misconceptions about singing. When voice teachers advise singers […]

Teaching like. . .a colony of ants?

I’ve been reading Melanie Mitchell’s book about systems theory, Complexity, in which she describes how complexity arises in various systems out of the interactions of many individually simple […]

That’s what I get for trying to be provocative!

In my post from 2/7/10, I published a list of things that people do that may be damaging to their voices.  I’ll admit that I was […]

Voice training: a twisty path

Teaching voice challenges my creativity in a way that I find happily stimulating. Because coordinating a voice involves not machinery, but a human being, a teacher […]