Trusting your teacher

I taught a lesson yesterday to an accomplished classical soprano with over six decades of singing experience.  Despite her high level of expertise and her longtime […]

Stretching: the truth (part 1)

Stretching can be as formalized and challenging as a yoga pose: Or as simple and mindless as what you do to accompany your first yawn of […]

Another benefit of the Alexander Technique

In re-reading my last posting, I realized that I had identified another benefit for studying the Alexander Technique—one that I have not seen expressed before or […]

Why warm up?

Do you warm up before singing?  Before exercising? Do you have a specific intention behind your warm-ups?  If so, how well does your warm-up regimen fulfill […]

Warming up to my topic

Here in NYC, the temperatures have started creeping up a little, bringing a welcome end to the weeks-long cold snap during which the temperature rarely exceeded […]

Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!

I’ve noticed how almost all students have a tendency to interrupt their greatest successes: in the midst of a vocal exercise, they’ll suddenly pull the plug […]

FAQ: How many lessons will I need?

In our culture, we love to buy into the fantasy of overnight transformation, and seem to trust the exaggerated promises more when they are explicitly quantified: […]

How to “kick” a bad vocal habit

I’ve blogged before about the importance for singers of maintaining a uniform vowel when moving from note to note.  By not altering the shape of your […]

Another Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Throughout history, men have enjoyed a societal permission to celebrate their strength.  Women, on the other hand, have long been encouraged not only to subjugate themselves […]