Sizing up the Competition - Celebrity Edition

You'll probably recognize the student in this video; she's one of the truly great entertainers.  (And watch to the end for a hilarious impression of her by her young godson--priceless!)  Click on "Read more" for my commentary on the teaching.

What I admire: The teacher creates a welcoming atmosphere for the student and fosters a sense of joy in singing.  She is not intimidated by her student's eminence.

What I might have done differently: If one of my students arrived at her lesson in an obvious state of over-stimulation, I would suggest a few minutes of Voice-Enhancing Bodywork to bring her energy to a level at which productive work is more likely.  During the lesson, I would strive to emulate the kind of ease in my own body which I want to bring about for my student.  When my students sing, I refrain from singing loudly along with them so that I can more effectively listen to what is going on with their vocal coordination.

Bottom line:  I wouldn't pay for the vocal pedagogy on display here.  But I suppose Liza can easily afford her fees.  And maybe this teacher's approach helps Liza to cultivate the breathless yet brassy, over-the-top, quasi-hysterical persona so beloved by her fans. . .but at what cost to her equilibrium?   (Did I just use "Liza" and "equilibrium" in the same sentence?)