Michael Hanko


You don’t have to think ALL the thoughts!

You should have seen the first videos I created when the software for editing video on home computers first became available. (Actually, consider yourself lucky if […]

Finding your way in

The hardest part of working out is, for me, getting started. But once I’ve dragged my complaining butt to the gym, I simply—— I was about to […]

How to never fail at anything

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” ― Stephen McCranie       Recently I encountered that quote, and, for a […]

Practicing is not a voice lesson!

Think of the different situations in which you may find yourself singing: • in a lesson • in your practice room • in a performance • […]

How to use your awareness for your own good

If there’s a core concept underlying all my teaching, it’s awareness. If you simply pay attention, I tell my students, to what’s going on in this […]

Working out some linguistic kinks

I love to work. I love working in my balcony garden, working in my kitchen, working on composing song lyrics, working with my students on discovering […]

What should I do with my pelvic floor?

This post is in response to questions from a reader named Jeff: I’m always a tad bewildered/beleaguered by degree of pelvic floor (ie lower ab) engagement, […]

My voice teacher superpower

You probably are super-skilled in ways that you don’t even notice, because it’s just how you are. Other people notice these skills and admire you for […]

Last night’s class: a powerful paradox, free vowels, a new art form

On May 16th, at my weekly master class, we continued to explore a vocal paradox we’ve been discussing a lot lately: In order for your voice […]