Anyone who knows me might have noticed that in the past month I have been happier than ever before in my life. Well, I’VE noticed for sure. I owe this new-found sense of peace and joyfulness to these people:

That is Ariel and Shya Kane. I’ve been attending events led by them for the past month or so, and their engaging presence and practical approach to living in the moment have, well, transformed my life.

Their principles are few and simple, yet profound:

  1. What you resist persists and grows stronger.
  2. No two things can occupy the same space at the same time. [I.e., a person can only be exactly how they are in any given moment]
  3. Anything that you allow to be exactly as it is will complete itself and dissolve all on its own.

I know, this approach to life seems over-simplified and too good to be true. But it works, I tell you! And, remarkably, these principles, which the Kanes apply to the emotional realm, are pretty much the same principles I’ve been using in the educational realm for years. I just didn’t think to apply my own pedagogical wisdom to my whole life. . .which calls said wisdom into question, I guess.

So, if I may borrow the Kanes’ language, here’s how you can transform your voice:

  1. Any vocal habit you fight against, wanting it to change, is likely to intensify. So just notice that clenched jaw or that shallow breath WITHOUT JUDGING IT as right or wrong. The noticing is enough.
  2. Whatever state your voice is in right now is the product of every experience you’ve had in your life up to now–how could you possibly sound any different? Don’t beat yourself (or your teacher) up for an inevitability.
  3. Cultivate your non-judgmental awareness of your vocal habits (Hello, clenched jaw! How’s it going, shallow breath?) and you will find them shifting. Probably instantaneously, as long as you’re not judging them.

As a voice teacher, I know the importance of applying these principles not only to my own voice, but to those of my students as well. Learning from the Kanes has crystallized the principles in my consciousness, so I know I will be an even better teacher from here on out.

And a happier one!

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