Alexander Technique

Unlock the Full Potential of your Mind & Body with the Alexander Technique

This mind-body awareness practice has deeply influenced my own singing. It is an essential component of my program.

The Alexander Technique prepares you mentally and physically for the challenging business of refining the coordination of your vocal organs. It will support you in releasing habits of posture, movement, and thinking that interfere with your best performance. You will discover a new ease and efficiency in your singing and find a healthier way of using your body in all your activities.

Here are some of the benefits of AT study for singers:

  • Achieve the most efficient postural support for your singing
  • Eliminate habits that produce unnecessary tension
  • Learn to breathe fully and freely
  • Refine your kinesthetic sense so that you can reliably recognize the subtle muscular adjustments involved in singing
  • Accustom yourself to getting out of your own way so that your body can respond to your intentions naturally, with freedom and precision

You can read an article I wrote about the Alexander Technique for Classical Singer magazine or browse more detailed information on the Alexander Technique.

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What People Are Saying About Michael’s Alexander Teaching

  • David Brody
    Before I started my work with Michael, I was skeptical. However, the Alexander Technique and Michael’s teaching have changed my life. Now I am very aware of my body and how I move through space. Not only has Michael changed my posture, he has also taught me ways to approach everyday tasks so that I am not focused on end-gaining (that wonderful Alexander term that explains how we rush from activity to activity only thinking about the end, instead of the wonders of the process).
    David Brody
    Lecturer, Parsons Design School
  • Stephanie Fittro
    Michael’s gentle approach and playful spirit helped me discover a whole new way of moving with ease. I credit him with helping me dissolve some shoulder pain that was bordering on tendonitis. Another time, I was very tired, and had laryngitis — by the end of the session, my voice was coming back! I not only physically felt relief, I experienced a mental and emotional rejuvenation completely new to me. I highly recommend working with Michael to anyone.
    Stephanie Fittro
    Actor/Singer/Dancer, Legally Blonde: The Musical
  • Parvesh Java
    I can’t thank you enough for today's lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a magic about you and your way of guiding the lesson. It’s gratifying that the principles of the Alexander Technique are completely aligned with my beliefs about how we eat, how we engage with other human beings and animals, and how we interact with our environment. I feel that the work we embarked on today is the most important missing piece of the puzzle.
    Parvesh Java
    Pianist & Conductor
  • Susan Rivera
    I began studying the Alexander Technique with Michael because of a long history of hip pain. My pain disappeared after working with Michael for twelve weeks, but I still take regular lessons because the Alexander Technique helps me to have better posture and to continually improve the way I sit, stand, and walk. The changes I’ve made are subtle and powerful. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your body while avoiding pain and injury, I recommend Michael Hanko.
    Susan Rivera