alexander technique testimonials

I had no idea how much was looming in reachable possibility.

—Mary Boies, Actor


Michael's gentle approach and playful spirit helped me discover a whole new way of moving with ease. I credit him with helping me dissolve some shoulder pain that was bordering on tendonitis. Another time, I was very tired, and had laryngitis — by the end of the session, my voice was coming back! I not only physically felt relief, I experienced a mental and emotional rejuvenation completely new to me. I highly recommend working with Michael to anyone.

—Stephanie Fittro, Actor/Singer/Dancer, Legally Blonde: The Musical


I came to Michael with sciatica and low back pain from a disintegrating disc that physical therapy had not helped all that much. Michael has shown me a healthier way of walking and bending and doing my daily stretches that makes my pains go away. Now I can even squat down to the floor and stay there without discomfort — not bad for 75! It's wonderful to experience these changes without having to resort to surgery.

—Muriel Blumenfeld, Ceramic Artist


Before I started my work with Michael, I was skeptical. However, the Alexander Technique and Michael's teaching have changed my life. Now I am very aware of my body and how I move through space. Not only has Michael changed my posture, he has also taught me ways to approach everyday tasks so that I am not focused on end-gaining (that wonderful Alexander term that explains how we rush from activity to activity only thinking about the end, instead of the wonders of the process).

—David Brody, Lecturer, Parsons Design School


I began studying the Alexander Technique with Michael because of a long history of hip pain. My pain disappeared after working with Michael for twelve weeks, but I still take regular lessons because the Alexander Technique helps me to have better posture and to continually improve the way I sit, stand, and walk. The changes I've made are subtle and powerful. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your body while avoiding pain and injury, I recommend Michael Hanko. I'd be glad to share my enthusiasm for his teaching with anyone who would like to talk to a satisfied client of his.

—Susan Rivera, Psychologist


Since starting private Alexander Technique work with Michael, I've gotten a lot of very positive feedback from professional singing colleagues about the improvements in my vocal technique — working with Michael has helped me to both recognize and correct problems with tension, control, and over-breathing that were keeping me from moving to the next level. Michael has been able to guide me to a new kind of ease, balance, support, and freedom in singing.

—Allison Atteberry, Soprano


Before learning from Michael, I was trying to shape my life and self into a position that I thought would free me. But un-learning the well-intentioned, but misled desire to shape my position has lead to even greater freedom than I could have imagined. Michael's lessons in the Alexander Technique showed me that our body is already naturally free--all by itself! Enjoy!

—Harriet Kleiner, Artist


I started taking lessons from Michael after an introductory session at work and have found that since he has been instructing me in the Alexander Technique, he has shown me the proper ways to sit and hold my head (and relax) which has been very helpful in alleviating my neck and back pain that have been caused by sitting at the computer for long periods of time. I'm very grateful for all that he has taught me thus far.

—Hara Migdal, ING Direct


A dancer told me how Alexander Technique could help me, even though I'm a stationary computer programmer eight hours a day. The first lesson intrigued me; after a few more, I was noticing things about my 23-year-old body that I'd always been blind to. After a year and a half, I still look forward to Michael's weekly lessons as a gentle escape from the craziness of city life. I expect my relationship with Alexander Technique to last well into the future.

—Jake Lodwick,


Michael is great! Over the course of the past year, my posture has improved significantly. People remark that I look taller. My body moves more gracefully and powerfully, at the same time. The weekly sessions really make a difference.

—David D., Retired Investment Banker


I am so lucky to have Michael as a teacher. Michael's work is without judgment and so full of organic, creative, flowering energy. I ALWAYS come away with new ideas to further my own development.

—Klare Potter, Alexander Teacher in Training