Alexander Technique Benefits

Your general health and well-being will benefit from the Alexander Technique. It is a tool for personal growth on many levels, like yoga, t'ai chi, and other mind-body awareness practices.

Like most people, you may start taking lessons to address a specific issue.

Maybe you are seeking relief from pain:

  • Back pain
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pain of the knees, hips, and other joints
  • Pain in the hands or feet
  • Headaches

Maybe you want to resolve or prevent a particular problem:

  • Poor posture
  • Tension and stress
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Jaw tension, TMJ
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Asthma or other breathing problems

Maybe you wish to make yourself more comfortable and less prone to injury in your daily activities:

  • Exercising and working out
  • Working at a computer
  • Household chores: standing, bending, reaching
  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Lifting and carrying
  • Pregnancy and parenthood

Or maybe you wish to enhance your performance in areas of specialized skill:

  • Performing arts
  • Sports
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Running, biking, or swimming
  • Public speaking

A basic course of lessons — perhaps 20 to 30 — can give you the tools you need to achieve any of these goals. Naturally, the more time you invest in the learning process, the deeper your understanding and the more profound your results. 

What are the benefits of long-term study?

Many of the benefits of the Alexander Technique emerge early on. For example, I experienced complete relief of my chronic back pain at my first lesson, and learned in a matter of weeks how to prevent the pain from returning.

Other, subtler effects of the Alexander Technique manifest themselves gradually over the course of long-term study. A desire to achieve these profound effects keeps many students coming for lessons for months or even years.

As you continue with your Alexander Technique lessons, you will achieve a state of being closer and closer to your ideal — body, mind, and spirit.


  • Perfect posture without strain
  • Freedom from pain
  • Full breathing, free of tension
  • Efficiency of movement: strength and energy without strain
  • Resistance to illness and injury
  • Healthier and more youthful looks


  • Calmness and composure, even under stress
  • Confidence and poise
  • Clear thinking
  • Expanded awareness
  • Ability to change habits at will
  • Happiness


  • Inner peace
  • Raising of consciousness
  • Ability to live in the moment
  • Understanding of your true nature
  • Unconditional love for yourself and for others
  • Expression of your life purpose without unnecessary impediments

What types of personality get the most out of the Alexander Technique?

Learning the Alexander Technique requires you to closely examine your beliefs, your thought processes, and your way of doing things — not only at lessons, but during the time between lessons as well. Not everyone is well suited to this level of self-awareness or wishes to take the time necessary to create lasting change.

These characteristics will serve you well in your course of lessons:

  • intelligence
  • curiosity
  • patience
  • the willingness to be wrong
  • comfort in dealing with paradox and uncertainty
  • a desire to take responsibility for your own well-being
  • a sense of humor

What kinds of people tend not to benefit as much?

You may be frustrated with the Alexander approach if you recognize yourself in any of these statements:

  • I put a lot of importance on being right.
  • I want a quick fix.
  • I will achieve my goals whatever the cost to my well-being.
  • I am set in my ways and not really interested in changing the way I do things.
  • I want someone else to fix my problems.

Don't despair if you've ever found yourself thinking along these lines, but still want to learn the Alexander Technique. I have my own occasional frustrated moment (or week!) when I can't seem to break out of habitual modes of unproductive thought. I am learning to be gentle with myself during these times and to trust the Alexander Technique to get me unblocked more quickly.