Teaching Positions:

  • Faculty Member & Anatomy lecturer, American Center for the Alexander Technique
  • Teaching Assistant, Upledger Institute
  • AT Instructor, The Juilliard School (Evening Division)
  • AT Instructor, WIlliam Esper School (for actors)
  • AT Instructor, Hoff-Barthelson School of Music, Scarsdale
  • AT Instructor, Penn South Program for Seniors
  • Voice Technique and Voice Teaching Instructor, Total Vocal Freedom Academy

Core Values of Teaching:

  • Compassion: I create a safe, comfortable environment for learning. I listen and observe attentively and respond—using my hands and my words—with gentleness and respect.
  • Non-judgment: There is no right or wrong in my studio—and no mistakes. We will respond with gratitude and a sense of humor to whatever shows up in each moment.
  • Individuality: Each student's way of learning is highly personal. I will provide instruction using words and activities that are meaningful to you.
  • Intelligence: I value the ability to think creatively, consistently, and coherently, and will nurture your potential for constructive thinking.
  • Fun: I believe that a joyous atmosphere inspires the learning process. Expect to laugh a lot as we explore together!

Other Interests:

My work is my main passion. Nothing is more fun for me than continuing to learn and explore in the three fields that make up the FreeBody FreeVoice program. I spend hundreds of very enjoyable hours every year engaged in continuing education: exchanges with colleagues, private voice and Alexander lessons, and workshops, courses and study groups in various bodywork modalities.

However, life offers many other delights! When not engaged in teaching or studying, I may be found delving into my other areas of interest:

  • performing as a classical baritone soloist
  • acting/singing in cabaret shows I write
  • writing poetry/lyrics
  • composing crossword puzzles for online and print publication
  • working out
  • cooking
  • tending my balcony garden

My partner, Peter Lappin, and I live, work, and create in our apartment in Chelsea, which we share with two spirited Chihuahuas named Freddy and Willy.

Michael and Peter

Michael and Peter

Freddy and Willy