I’m excited to be expanding into a new type of teaching this year. My colleague Peter Jacobson and I—both teachers of Alexander Technique who work with singers—will be collaborating on a program for classical singers called 21 Days to Vocal Freedom and Discovery.


We are planning an extensive range of offerings: email lessons (free!), webinars, one-day workshops, weekend seminars, and an ongoing intensive program incorporating web and in-person courses. Would you like to discover the possibility of singing classical music with ease and joy? We will reveal your “vocal Stradivarius” as we guide you in letting go of the mental and physical habits that are standing in the way of your full artistic potential. After working with us, you’ll be able to easily and reliably produce the sounds you hear in your mind’s ear.

As in all my teaching, I am bringing my core values to this project. One of the reasons I’ve chosen to work with Peter is that he and I share these values in our approach to working with students:

Compassion: We will create a safe, comfortable environment for learning. We’ll listen and observe attentively and respond—using our hands and our words—with gentleness and respect.

Non-judgment: There is no right or wrong in our program—and no mistakes. We will respond—and encourage you to respond—with gratitude and a sense of humor to whatever shows up in each moment.

Individuality: Each student’s way of learning is highly personal. We’ll provide instruction using words and activities that are meaningful to you.

Intelligence: We value the ability to think creatively, consistently, and coherently, and will nurture your potential for constructive thinking.

Fun: We believe that a joyous atmosphere inspires the learning process. Expect to laugh a lot as we all explore together!

Give yourself the gift of perfect whole-body coordination for your classical singing (solo or choral). Come join Peter and me for an hour or a weekend or a year. Start by registering for the free email lessons here.

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