1st Anniversary of My Weekly Master Class!

Happy 1-year anniversary!

My next class is a celebration! We’ve been meeting weekly now for a year—since my first class on March 1, 2017. And what a wonderful year it’s been!

  • We’ve gotten to hear moving, technically impressive performances of songs in genres from folk to musical theater to French art song to opera.
  • We’ve explored transformative practice techniques that I have developed, like the Leaky Ah, the Singing Twist, and the ultra-amazing Whole-Body Breathing protocol. (I will write about these in future blog posts.)
  • We’ve enjoyed the musical expertise and the supportive presence of many talented pianists, including Byron Sean, Dan Furman, Lee Tomboulian, Mark Schenfisch, Tracy Stark, and Lucas Barkley.

Most importantly, we’ve practiced the invaluable technique of non-judgmental listening, which helps to create a nurturing environment in which to sing and to allow us to be kind to ourselves, allowing for our true brilliance as singers to emerge. (I’ll also write more about this special kind of listening, which I discovered in Ariel and Shya Kane’s seminars.)

A big thank you to all the singers who have participated in the first year of my class. Your artistry and collegiality and courage have been an inspiration.

Finally, a big welcome to those of you who will attend for the first time in the coming year: Come join us on Wednesday evenings and experience the magic for yourself. Click here for info on how to register.

Happy 1-year anniversary!

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