10-Week Performance Course

Announcing my new FBFV course…

From the Page to the Stage: Bringing your musical ideas to life

A 10-week program in which you will learn, prepare, and publicly perform two musical selections of your choice!

  • Would you like to sing in public…with CONFIDENCE?
  • Do you want to add some NEW MATERIAL to your repertoire? And have some GUIDANCE in choosing music that’s right for you?
  • Are you CONFUSED about how to work on a song to bring out your best performance?
  • Would you like the SUPPORT of friendly, non-judgmental colleagues in exploring and perfecting your music?
  • As you prepare yourself for performing, would you like COACHING from an experienced teacher (me) on technique, stage presence, breathing, posture, and musicality?
  • Do you often get discouraged or stuck in a self-destructive thought cycle? Would you like to learn easy and effective methods for GETTING OUT OF YOUR HEAD when practicing or performing? 

Email me now to indicate your interest in this course, which will run when the enrollment is sufficient. [Note: I am also contemplating other formats for this project. Let me know if the proposed schedule doesn’t work for you or if you would prefer a shorter course or preparing for the concert in private lessons.]

Program Basics

WHAT: A 10-week course culminating in a group concert. In preparing and performing two musical selections, you will explore multiple paths to singing at your highest potential, including functional voice training, body awareness, the power of the mind-body connection, getting unstuck from negative thinking, effective practice techniques, and the freedom of mind and body resulting from the world-famous Alexander Technique.

WHO: The program is open to singers of all genres and skill levels who want to experience joy and ease in performing. The only requirements are an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas in a loving and supportive atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to explore along with other singers and a skilled pianist under the kind, expert guidance of FBFV founder, Michael Hanko.

WHEN: 10 evenings from 7 to 9 pm. Depending on whether the group wishes to skip certain weeks during the course of the program, we will determine the date of our final meeting, which will be the concert. 

HOW: The program consists of 9 weekly 2-hour classes and a final concert, to which you will be able to invite friends and family to celebrate your performance along with you. The course fee includes a pianist, who will be present at all classes and at the concert.

WHERE: We will meet at easily accessed locations in New York City, in the vicinity of Penn Station.

WHY: This program will help you feel CONFIDENT and JOYFUL as a performer. As each participant prepares two numbers within the supportive group, all will experience a raising of their well-being and artistic skill. Together, we will create an evening’s entertainment in which you will SHARE with the audience the connection that music offers when the performers are free in themselves. Along the way, you will discover how easy and productive life can be when you are operating according to the design of your whole self, mind+body+spirit+voice.

PROGRAM FEE: $550 (if fully paid in advance) or in two installments of $300 (payable before the start of the program and then before class #5)




From the Page to the Stage: Bringing your musical ideas to life


You will find this program to be quite different in spirit from many of the other performer development courses out there. I believe that nurturing performers through non-judgmental, kind-hearted support produces better results than using negative motivators like fear, guilt, or shame. Do not sign up for this series unless you too are committed to treating yourself and others with kindness. But please join me if you’d like to co-create a 10-week experience that is uplifting and inspirational and geared towards mutually soaring to new artistic heights.

Are You Ready for a NEW PARADIGM in performance?


Dear Singer,

FBFV founder Michael Hanko here.

Are you ready to discover your greatness as a performing musician? Are you ready to heartily enjoy the journey of learning new music and preparing yourself to perform it publicly?

If so, you’re invited to join my brand-new program…

From the Page to the Stage: Bringing your musical ideas to life.

For 10 weeks, starting March 27th, you will be supported by me as well as a pianist and a group of like-minded colleagues in exploring exciting, new possibilities for learning new music and performing it in front of a live audience.

Do you get a little nervous just thinking about putting yourself in front of an audience? What if you could transform these nerves into excitement, joy, and true connection to the music and to the audience? 

What if you could feel good — REALLY good — in yourself as you practiced your music and sang it in front of others? 

What if you could free yourself from that negative, self-defeating voice that plays in your head? What if that voice no longer had the power to interfere with your potential?

The more you learn about how your system is designed to work, the more you will be able to rely upon it to support you in achieving whatever you set out to do. That is the inspiring possibility that we will be tapping into during this course.

Before I tell you more about the program, let’s take a look at how many musicians fall prey to a cycle of stress and negativity.

Are you getting in your own way as a performer?

Do you know in your heart that you have the capacity to put music across in a way that moves and entertains people? Do you also have doubts from time to time about your abilities, doubts that make it hard to show up and put in the work of learning and performing music? Have you ever been your own worst critic?

I think all of us have experienced this frustrating scenario at times in our musical lives. It’s part of the human condition.

When we are not in sync with our design, we tend to get in our own way. We create difficulties instead of experiencing ease. By interfering with Nature’s perfection, we throw ourselves off track. Despite our good intentions, we may give up or give less than what we know to be our best. Or, even if we manage to produce something of value, we may not enjoy ourselves very much in the process.

Do you know that it is your nature to be joyful and successful? To experience well-being, no matter what challenges you face? To sing at your highest level of proficiency in the privacy of your practice room and on stage in front of people?

Why do some performers seem to find it easy and fun to show off their prowess in public? What do they have that supports them in being their best at all times?

And, more importantly, can YOU have access to this secret power too?


Yes, because you already have inside you everything you need to perform with skill, connection, and joy. And the good news is that I can help you in discovering how you can stop getting in the way of your perfect self. It just takes awareness of a few basic principles about how our systems are meant to function…and a little bit of practice in following a new path of personal freedom. It’s so easy, especially without support, to fall back into our habitual modes of self-sabotage.

That’s where my new course comes in: to give you a safe space in which to explore a whole new easier way of being, that will lead to more joy and satisfaction in your performing…and in your whole life.

Are you ready to explore the new paradigm I’m describing? Email me if you’d like to join the course.

Here are some of the things you’ll be exploring in my 10-week course:

  • How understanding the design of YOU (mind+body+spirit+voice) leads to good singing
  • How to keep negative thoughts from derailing your success
  • How you can free yourself up to explore aspects of your music you may not yet even be aware of
  • How you can create a deep sense of connection with your music and with your audience
  • How you can build a vocal technique on which you can rely under any circumstances
  • How you can look confident on stage by being truly confident
  • How making music can bring you a deep sense of satisfaction and joy

We’ll be covering many aspects of performing, including

  • vocal technique (classical, pop, musical theater, jazz, belt, etc.)
  • breathing
  • phrasing
  • diction
  • stage presence
  • connection with the audience
  • dramatic and musical interpretation
  • posture/alignment
  • whole-body freedom

You will make some important discoveries along the way:

  • Your own unique vocal sound
  • Your own personal interpretation of your chosen music
  • Your identity as the perfect singer you are
  • Your identity as the perfect human you are

The Program Curriculum

The structure of this course is purposefully not pre-determined so that it can organically evolve to support your needs in each moment. That said, you can expect a wide range of fun activities geared towards giving you access to your performing brilliance: warm up games, group vocal improvisations, body awareness exercises, hands-on Alexander Technique instruction, vocal coaching, and of course, lots of opportunities to practice your songs with piano accompaniment in front of the group.

Who It’s For

This program is designed for singers who want to explore an effortless, enjoyable path of creating a live performance from the notes on the page. You are welcome no matter what your current level of singing—everyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals will find this to be a valuable experience.

If you’re new to the whole performing game, you’ll benefit from the shared wisdom and experience of your more experienced colleagues.

If you’ve already mastered the art of performance, you’ll get to hone your craft even further and find more ease in the process than ever before.

If you’re somewhere in between, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie and value the new tools we’ll all be exploring together—tools that will raise you to new heights in your artistic development.

I often notice that those singers who flourish most in my program share certain traits with me. My course is a good match for you

  • If you are open to exploring new possibilities in the realms of mind, body, spirit, and voice
  • If you feel good in the company of supportive, like-minded colleagues
  • If you aren’t afraid of the Big Questions and jumping into the unknown (with friends!)
  • If you are passionate about discovering your greatest potential
  • If you want to enjoy a profound sense of ease and well-being while pursuing big challenges

Let’s hear from those who have taken previous courses with me:

“Working with Michael has transformed the way I approach singing. I am now able to be open to what is happening in the present moment, without trying to anticipate, control, or judge it. This has had such a positive effect on my singing… and on many other aspects of my life.”

Sharon Gesthalter, Singer/Songwriter

“In his classes, Michael creates a safe space for participants to try out repertoire and find new approaches. He has an amazing ability to focus on exactly what I am doing in the moment and make a suggestion that has an immediate impact on my level of performance. Class members learn a lot from watching Michael work with each other and we have fun together!”

Sylvia Floyd, Classical Soprano

“You and the class really helped open me up and get past some of those inner voices that hold me back when singing. You really do have a way of bringing out the best in a singer and I very much appreciate having the opportunity to learn from you . I’ll see you soon at the next class. Thank you!”

Jim Buckmaster, Cabaret Singer

“Working with Michael is always magical! He has an amazing balance of relaxed playfulness and focused precision when teaching. His course helped shed light on that voice in my head that says I’m not good enough or I’m not “there” yet. I became more and more aware of how untrue these thoughts are! I was able to slow down and feel content exactly as I was. I found so much joy singing and listening to my wonderful classmates. Michael is gifted in how he guides his students towards finding relaxation, joy, and their true voice, always aware of the connection between mind, body, and voice.”

Marguerite Stern, Musical Theater Performer

“I’ve been to many voice teachers, but only Michael has demonstrated the knowledge of anatomy and how it all works, and the desire to use that knowledge as a teaching tool to help me explore the full expressive potential with my voice. Michael applies his knowledge of and passion for Alexander Technique and proper vocal technique in a way that has led me to much greater vocal discovery than any other voice teacher I’ve studied with.”

David Dodini, Rock Singer

“I want to let you know that many of the students I work with are benefiting from your teaching. I’m finding myself repeating a lot of the things I’ve heard you say, and the results are exciting and very rewarding. I’ve learned so much by watching you work with people of all ages and degrees of training and ability. I want to work with you more!”

Deb Logan, Singer and Classical Pianist

About me, your guide during this 10-week course:

Michael Hanko

Michael Hanko founded his NYC-based training program, FreeBody FreeVoice, to integrate his expertise in four fields: voice training, Alexander Technique, gentle-touch bodywork, and transformational coaching. A graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Music, he received his certification as an Alexander teacher from the American Center for the Alexander Technique. Michael studied vocal technique and vocal pedagogy for over a decade under the renowned master Cornelius Reid. He has trained in multiple bodywork modalities at the Upledger and Barral Institutes. Michael is currently exploring how the human mi

nd functions in the realm of the Inside-Out Understanding (also known as the 3 Principles), under the mentorship of transformational coach Michael Neill and others.

Michael writes and performs his own musical theater works and appears as a classical baritone soloist in oratorios and concerts.

Michael teaches classes and private lessons, both in his studio and online to students throughout the world. He is on the faculty of TVF (Total Vocal Freedom), an international program to develop singers and voice teachers that holds regular courses online and in various venues throughout the US and abroad. Michael has taught group classes in such venues as the Juilliard School and the William Esper Studio. His classes have focused on many topics, including Overcoming Stage Fright, Vocal Technique Mastery, Alexander Technique for Performers, and The Joy of Walking.

Program Schedule:

This 10-week program will meet on a series of evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The program may include some skipped weeks, for example, when I am out of town for other teaching engagements. We will finalize the schedule within the first week of the program, setting dates for the remaining classes as well as for the final concert (10th week).

During the program, you will have access to me and to your co-participants via a private Facebook group that will be set up. Here you will be able to pose questions, celebrate victories large and small, post video and sound files, and enjoy the sense of community that coming together to explore music evokes.

You will be able to invite (a limited number of) friends and family members to attend the 10th-week concert. Share the freedom and joy we’ve tapped into over the course of the program!

The fee for this program is $600 (payable in 2 installments).

You can save $50 by making a one-time payment of $550 before the start of the program.

Email me to join my new course—

From the Page to the Stage: Bringing your musical ideas to life

Rediscover yourself this spring as a singer with talent, confidence, and ease. And unleash your musical brilliance into the world.

With love and music,

Michael Hanko

Founder, FreeBody FreeVoice